Cakes at Costco – 2023 menu prices – How to order?

It is a good place to shop for cakes at Costco because they are delicious and very affordable. You can choose from a number of different styles and flavors, and even the pricier cakes only cost about $20. Even though Costco doesn’t have a huge variety of cake options, they have quite a few different decorations to choose from.

The most wanted cakes at Costco

In terms of cake prices and selection, Costco is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a delicious but affordable cake.

You’ll be sure to find a Costco cake to suit your needs with a wide variety of flavors and sizes available. In addition, prices start at just $11, so you won’t have to break the bank to take advantage of this deal.

Check out some of the best cakes at costco for 2023. If you want to purchase them close to the event, make sure you order early as they can often sell out.

Also do check out other hot-selling items at Costco such as costco hot dogs, costco pizza and various others on costco party platters menu.

Prices of cakes at Costco

In order to get the best deal at Costco, you need to be familiar with the different cake prices.

Getting the cake of your dreams at Costco doesn’t have to break the bank if you know what to expect. Read on to discover more about their cake pricing options. It may seem like Costco cakes are a bargain, but the quality they provide is quite good.

In addition, you can order delicious cakes from the Costco food court menu if you are looking for something affordable and unique. You can access the order form here.

There is a price range of $11-15 for Costco cakes.

Cakes at Costco are unbeatable

There is no better place than Costco Bakery if you want quality cakes at a great price. Whether you’re looking for sheet cakes or customizable options, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

No matter what theme you choose, Costco’s cake decorators will ensure your cake looks amazing. You won’t be disappointed when you order a cake from Costco for your next birthday or celebration!

Cakes at Costco such as Costco fruit cake are famous for their rich, fruity flavor and are incredibly moist and delicious cakes made from fresh fruit and vanilla sponge cake.

 Christmas fruit cake from Costco is a favorite treat of children and adults alike because of its sweet and irresistible taste.

The Costco cheesecake will satisfy your sweet tooth whether you’re craving an indulgent dessert after dinner or a sweet treat. Getting a slice of Costco cheesecake is an affordable yet mouthwatering indulgence.

These are some best options available on Costco cake menu:

Costco Cakes: Amazing Flavors

The store offers a variety of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, and more, so Costco cakes are a popular option for birthdays and other celebrations. You can customize a cake at Costco with photos and text starting at $19.99 for an 8-inch cake.

The most popular flavors of Costco cakes are: 

  • Vanilla flavor
  • Chocolate flavor

Sheet cake menu at Costco

The sheet cake at Costco is delicious and affordable. As a seemingly mundane purchase, Costco sheet cake appears to be one of the most popular items they offer. However, once you learn how this product works, it will become clear why.

 Costco sheet cake is famous for a number of reasons:

  • The first thing you’ll notice about it is its affordability.
  • The product is also available in a wide range of sizes to suit any occasion.
  • A final note of praise goes to Costco’s sheet cake, which is well known for the perfect texture and tastes it provides.

You can’t go wrong with a Costco sheet cake if you’re looking for an affordable and impressive dessert!

Sheet cake price at Costco

The price of a full-sheet double-layered Costco sheet cake is $18.99.Cake for Mother’s Day at Costco

Many people shop at Costco for party supplies and food, which are affordable. And they actually don’t disappoint when it comes to Mother’s Day.

In addition to making delicious and beautiful Mother’s Day cakes, Costco also offers an assortment of sweet treats.

Costco Mother’s Day cakes are a great way to show your mom you care this Mother’s Day!

Birthday cakes at Costco

There are several different flavors and designs of birthday cakes from Costco, which makes them a great option if you’re looking for a delicious and affordable cake.

It also saves you a lot of money on your next birthday cake at Costco because the prices are much lower than at other bakeries.

For birthday parties, Costco offers a variety of designs for sheet cakes, including rainbows, balloons, and roses, which are perfect for celebrating birthdays of all ages.

Besides clowns and pirate ships, surfboards, and caterpillars, children can also choose themed designs.

Those who want to celebrate an adult birthday can choose a cake featuring the Grim Reaper if they aren’t too sensitive.

A Costco sheet cake with fresh strawberries or a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is only $18.99, and it serves almost 50 guests.

Despite the lack of personalized decorations, these are very tasty.

Also, at Red Ribbon birthday cakes are available in many flavors and designs.

Costco Baby shower cakes

The baby shower design can be used both for boys and girls and is one of Costco’s sheet cakes suitable for baby showers.

Additionally, you can draw roses on white frosting in pastel colors for a very festive look.

It is possible to write any message on the cake you want, so you can congratulate the parents or welcome the baby.

Whether you’re planning a small shower or a larger one, we’ve got the perfect cake for you. We make Costco cheesecakes which are always popular at such events.

It’s guaranteed that you will find different cakes for the baby shower in the bakery section at your nearest Central Market, even if you live in an area without their store. You can also check other food on costco food court menu.

Costco Wedding cakes

The wedding cakes that Costco produces aren’t large enough to feed hundreds, but they are pretty and romantic enough to work well for smaller ceremonies.

This lacy design with a heart surrounded by roses has a typical wedding look. It is a beautifully elegant decoration made in a white-on-white color scheme.

Furthermore, the Chocolate Bouquet cake design is particularly well-suited for weddings involving a large number of attendees.

Costco Graduation cakes

Costco sheet cakes come in a variety of graduation colors, so you can choose from a number of options. The celebrant will be surprised and be happier to receive this cake, which features a graduation cap next to balloons that show the year of graduation.

A Costco greeting card can include a message congratulating the graduate on their graduation, and many generic celebration and special occasion cakes are available in the school colors.

Depending on the graduate’s interests, there are a few more Costco cake options you can choose from. Costco has baseball, football, basketball, and soccer designs if your graduate played one of those sports in high school.

The American flag cake may be of interest to graduates who will be joining the military after graduation.

The nearest Walmart Supermarket may have ready-made graduation cakes if you can’t find one near you, although it may be a long drive, so you might want to try checking their bakery section first.

White Costco Cake

Cakes at Costco also include white Costco cake. Currently, Costco only offers two flavors: white cake (also known as vanilla cake) or chocolate cake (also known as chocolate cake). Vanilla sheet cake is filled with vanilla cheesecake mousse and iced with white buttercream.

Chocolate cake from Costco

There’s nothing better than chocolate cake for dessert, and this moist, rich cake is one of the best you can find at Costco.

In order to satisfy our sweet tooth desires, the store has reintroduced its All-American mini cakes so we can indulge until time runs out (if it ever does). 

Cake sizes and prices at Costco

The cost of cakes at Costco varies depending on the size and style, but they tend to be less expensive than most other cake providers.

If you want to save money or have a large gathering, this can be a great option.

If you would like to order a Costco cake, you may need to give them more advance notice because they are large. So if you’re interested in ordering a Costco cake, plan ahead.

Whether you’re shopping for a large cake or a small cake, Costco offers a variety of cake options you won’t find anywhere else. Check out the sizes and prices below to see what suits your goals.

Costco cake calories

Calories in Costco Cake

Serving Size: 1 oz.

Calories in Costco cake 108.0

Costco cakes: how long does it take?

Please make sure you place your order at least one day before your event if you want your cake ordered 24 hours in advance.

Costco cake ingredients

Chocolate cake


Is it possible to order Costco cake online or over the phone?

One of Costco’s most popular options-a custom cake-can be hard to find despite its great deals on food and other items.

Except for certain stores that allow faxed orders, the company does not offer online order service or phone orders.

Here are 10 things you need to know before buying a Costco cake

A Costco cake buyer’s guide

  1. There is nothing cheaper than Costco cakes.
  2. A large gathering can be fed with cakes from Costco
  3. Two flavors are available in Costco cakes
  4. In the past, customers had more cake options
  5. Costco cakes weigh more than newborns
  6. There is no better blank canvas than Costco Cakes.
  7. Ordering Costco cakes online is a convenient way to take them home
  8. It is necessary to plan ahead for custom cake orders.
  9. There was a scandal surrounding Costco’s dinosaur design

10. Over two dozen cake decorating options are available at Costco Bakers.

Cakes Menu Order Form at Costco

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a cake to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or a wedding, Costco has what it takes! 

Find the perfect cake for your next celebration on Costco’s cakes menu! Choose from a variety of flavors and sizes.

You can also save money with Costco’s competitive prices while enjoying high-quality cakes. Start shopping for Costco’s cakes today!

Options for cake design

You can specify your cake-topping desires in the following sections on the form.

  • Specific rose colors (specify rose colors)
  • White roses
  • Lightening candles
  • Bear from Costco
  • Design for seasonal events (specify)
  • The Rainbow
  • The flag
  • The balloons
  • The baby shower

Canada Costco Cakes

Costco Cakes Canada is the perfect place to find delicious, affordable cakes for your next special event, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion.

With quality ingredients and reasonably priced cakes, you’ll find an impressive selection to choose from.

Costco’s cake offerings include online ordering and home delivery! Learn more about them here.

Canada Costco Cakes Prices

When it comes to everything from food to clothes to appliances, Costco is one of the best places to shop.

Our guide will show you how much Costco cakes cost in Canada so you can get an idea of how much you can expect to pay.

Save money on cakes at Costco Canada. Costco cakes are always fresh and delicious. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the savings!

Price of cakes at Costco in the UK

It depends on the size and design of the cake that Costco charges in the United Kingdom.

A smaller cake costing £10-15 will typically cost between £10 and £15, while a larger cake can cost over £40.

A price list is essential before ordering a cake, as some designs are more expensive than others.

A complimentary birthday message is included with every Costco cake made fresh in the store.

Approximately 40cm x 30cm is the size of each Costco cake in the United Kingdom

Servings of Costco cake in the UK: 48

In the UK, Costco Cakes sell for £14.99 (Undecorated Plain Cakes £13.99).

For more delicious menus, please visit costcofoodcourts.


The Costco Cake Order Form 2023 needs to be filled out in-store if you want to order a cake from Costco in the United States.

Ordering a custom Costco cake in the UK and Australia requires at least 24 hours’ notice.

You will need to pick up your cake by the time specified on the order form if you order from a store that requires three days advance notice.

Keeping a cake in the fridge for 3-4 days with a buttercream or ganache topping is fine. When your cake has cream cheese frosting, then refrigerate it for 1-2 days at most and let it come to room temperature before serving. If the cake has custard, cream, cream cheese, or fresh fruit, it will last 1-2 days. 

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