Best Costco Chicken, With Calories Guidance

Costco Chicken: Is the Hype Worth It?

In fact, chicken is the most consumed type of poultry worldwide. Those who enjoy eating non-vegetarian food appreciate Costco chicken as well.

At Costco, you can also purchase raw meat. The Costco chicken is salty. To make it particularly salty and soft, it is treated with a solution of water and sodium chloride (saline solution). It is infused with this remedy to satisfy the consumer’s needs. Many adore the flavor’s saltiness.

According to numerous customer reviews and articles, Costco chicken is widely regarded as a great value and a popular item among customers. The chicken is cooked in-store and is known for being juicy, flavorful, and affordable, with a whole bird often costing less than similar products at other stores. In fact, it has become so popular that it has been described as a “cult favorite” among Costco shoppers.

Furthermore, Costco chicken has been praised for its quality and safety standards. According to Costco, their chickens are antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and fed a vegetarian diet. They are also cooked fresh in-store so that customers can be assured of the product’s freshness.

Overall, the hype surrounding the Costco chicken seems to be justified by its quality, affordability, and popularity among customers. However, the taste is subjective, so it’s ultimately up to each individual to decide if it’s worth it for them.

Where Does the Costco Chicken Grow?

This kind of chicken is prepared in a controlled setting. Steroids are injected into chickens on farms. The majority of them have also undergone genetic modification to obtain the required traits. Compared to manufactured chicken, naturally occurring chicken requires a longer time to grow.

They are consequently bred on industrial farms in artificial habitats. These farms raise more than 98% of the chicken consumed in the United States. Costco Chicken is also produced on these farms. The grocery shop has both cooked and raw chicken readily available.

Costco sources its chicken from several suppliers across the United States. According to their website, they work with a select group of suppliers who adhere to strict animal welfare standards, and who follow responsible and sustainable farming practices.

The specific location where the chickens are raised and processed may vary depending on the supplier and the region. However, Costco is committed to providing their customers with high-quality, safe, and sustainably sourced products, so they work closely with their suppliers to ensure that their chickens are raised in a humane and environmentally responsible manner.

Additionally, Costco is transparent about its sourcing and supply chain practices, and they have strict quality and safety standards in place to ensure that its products meet its high standards. Customers can also find information about the suppliers and farming practices on the Costco website and in their stores.

You can check out Costco Menu here.

Is Rotisserie Costco Chicken Healthy?

It depends on the customer’s preference. You can choose to either purchase the entire chicken flesh or prepare rotisserie chicken.

So if you only want one of the two, pick the raw version. You must now be wondering why this is the case. It’s fairly obvious.

Without a question, Costco chicken is incredibly tasty, affordable, and well-liked. But, it is detrimental to your health. One of the main problems with Costco chicken is the saline solution that is infused into the meat. Foods that are overly salty might seriously harm your health.

It includes roughly one-fifth of the daily salt allowance for adults. Also, it is bad for you if you also consume other salty meals and beverages throughout the day.

Moreover, it is prepared at a high temperature. Hence, there is a considerable likelihood that cancer-causing substances will be produced. Rotisserie chicken from Costco is not a good choice in that situation. But don’t worry. As an alternative, you have a choice.

Purchasing raw chicken allows you the flexibility to prepare it any way you like. It can be baked, grilled, or even boiled. To improve the flavor, you can add a variety of herbs and spices.

Yet, some who have busy schedules all the time choose to get a rotisserie chicken. So long as you’re cool with it, you can purchase whichever choice best suits you. You always have the final say.

Here are some points to consider when evaluating the healthiness of rotisserie chicken from Costco:

  1. Lean protein source: Rotisserie chicken is a good source of lean protein, which is an essential nutrient for building and repairing muscles, and maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails.
  2. Low in fat: The skinless breast meat of the chicken is particularly low in fat, with only about 4 grams of fat per 3-ounce serving.
  3. High in sodium: One potential drawback of rotisserie chicken from Costco (and many other prepared foods) is that it can be high in sodium. A 3-ounce serving of Costco rotisserie chicken contains about 460 milligrams of sodium, which is about 20% of the daily recommended limit.
  4. No added hormones or antibiotics: Costco claims that their rotisserie chickens are raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics, which can be a concern for some consumers.
  5. May contain preservatives: While Costco’s rotisserie chickens are free from artificial colors and flavors, they may contain preservatives like sodium erythorbate or sodium phosphate to help maintain freshness.
  6. May contain allergens: Costco notes that their rotisserie chickens are cooked in shared equipment with other allergens, which could be a concern for those with food allergies.

Overall, rotisserie chicken from Costco can be a healthy and convenient protein source, but it’s important to consider factors like sodium content and the presence of preservatives or allergens. To make it even healthier, consider removing the skin and pairing it with a variety of colorful veggies and whole grains.

Costco Frozen Chicken

Another alternative is to buy raw and organic Costco chicken. You should expect to pay about $2.50 per pound. Compared to other stores and markets, this price is still very affordable. It is offered by Costco under the Kirkland Signature brand (French brand).

The absence of antibiotics in organic raw chicken is a benefit. Organic feed was used to rear these birds. Both fresh and frozen chicken from Costco is available. You can take it home and prepare it to your liking.

The Costco Chicken Pricing Plan

The Costco warehouse network sells about 0.1 billion pounds of chicken meat annually. Their low rates are the cause of these enormous sales.

Customers are instantly drawn in when things are sold at a concession. Consumers always like purchasing goods that are both inexpensive and of great quality. And Costco chicken easily satisfies all of these criteria.

Costco’s chicken costs are another factor contributing to its increased sales. Since 2009, Costco has kept its promise not to raise prices—a significant commitment to keep. Costco draws more customers since it is the loss leader. The positioning of Costco chicken goods also boosts the retailer’s net sales.

The back of the shop is where you’ll find Costco staples like chicken nuggets, chicken wings, chicken sausage, chicken pot pie, chicken meatballs, and chicken breast.

This is a clever strategy to distinguish your business from other players in the market. Consumers will purposefully spend a lot of money on ostentatious goods. And they must climb a ladder to the store’s back to get Costco chicken. Hence, they discard many products.

As a result, the business approach will bring in as many customers as Costco desires. As a result, selling it at low prices is of no financial loss to the corporation.

That is a really effective technique to manage a flourishing company. A layperson would never understand the full tactics involved. Costco, though, is aware of it.

How to Reheat Chicken from Costco?

There are numerous practical methods for reheating Costco chicken. You only need to set up the appropriate appliances that are needed for reheating.

They include the stove, oven, microwave, air fryer, and toaster oven. You can quickly reheat the chicken using all of these devices.

Use only oven-safe dishes, please. Remember to set the oven, microwave, and air fryer to 350–400 degrees as well.

The chicken will be adequately reheated and won’t overcook. The chicken can be reheated in the microwave for only two to three minutes. Remember to cover the chicken with wet paper. The chicken meat will remain moist as a result.

In addition, it will only take you 20 to 25 minutes at most to reheat the Costco chicken in the oven. First, after preheating the oven to 350 degrees, take off the aluminum foil.

Add some of each now to the oven-safe dish where the chicken is. The chicken will be reheated in an ideal manner without becoming dry.

The use of a cooker is an additional conventional method of reheating the chicken. Use a non-stick pan if you want to avoid sticking.

Place the chicken in the pan after preheating it, then add some butter. The flavor of the chicken will be improved by the addition of butter. The chicken may be adequately reheated in just 2–3 minutes.

In a toaster oven or a microwave, you may reheat the cooked chicken. The finest product to purchase is the Costco chicken bake. Because it doesn’t have a lot of saturated fats, that’s why.

What Is the Calorie Content of a Costco Chicken Bake?

About 769–770 calories are contained in a Costco chicken bake. One bake is one serving of this chicken (227 g). It contains 32% total fat, 30% saturated fat, 60% salt, about 28% total carbohydrates, 23% cholesterol, 61 g of protein, and 11% dietary fiber.

A Costco Chicken Bake is a popular menu item at the Costco food court. It consists of a large, baked pastry dough that is filled with diced chicken, bacon bits, cheese, Caesar dressing, and green onions. The exact calorie content of a Costco Chicken Bake can vary based on several factors, including the size of the portion, the specific ingredients used, and the preparation method.

According to the nutritional information provided on the Costco website, a single serving of their Chicken Bake (which is one-third of a whole Chicken Bake) contains approximately 770 calories. This includes:

  • 45 grams of fat
  • 50 grams of carbohydrates
  • 2 grams of fiber
  • 38 grams of protein
  • 1,520 milligrams of sodium

It’s worth noting that these numbers are fairly high, especially for a single food item. Consuming a Chicken Bake can make up a significant portion of your daily calorie and sodium intake, so it’s important to consume it in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

If you’re looking to reduce the calorie content of your Chicken Bake, there are a few things you can do. First, consider sharing the item with someone else or only eating half of it, which can cut the calorie count in half. You can also try removing the cheese or bacon bits to reduce the fat content, or asking for the Caesar dressing on the side so that you can control the amount that you use.

How to order Costco Chicken?

To order a Costco Chicken Bake, you would typically go to the Costco food court, which is typically located near the entrance of the store. Once there, you would need to follow these steps:

  1. Check the menu: Locate the menu board at the food court, where the available food items are listed. The Chicken Bake should be listed there.
  2. Place your order: Once you’ve decided to order a Chicken Bake, proceed to the counter and place your order with the employee working there. You can specify any modifications or requests at this time (such as asking for the Caesar dressing on the side).
  3. Pay for your order: After placing your order, you’ll need to pay for it at the same counter. The cost of a Chicken Bake can vary slightly by location but is typically around $2.99.
  4. Wait for your order: Once you’ve paid, you’ll be given a receipt and asked to wait until your order is ready. The Chicken Bake is typically made fresh on-site, so you may need to wait a few minutes for it to be ready.
  5. Enjoy your meal: Once your order is ready, the employee will call your name and hand you your Chicken Bake. You can then enjoy it right there at the food court or take it with you to enjoy later.

It’s worth noting that the availability of the Costco Chicken Bake can vary by location and may not be available at all Costco stores. Additionally, the exact ingredients and nutritional information can vary depending on the specific recipe used by the store.

How to order Costco Chicken Online?

Unfortunately, Costco does not currently offer online ordering for its food court items, including the Chicken Bake. The food court is only available for in-person ordering and dining.

However, Costco does offer online ordering for some of its other food items, such as bakery goods, deli platters, and party trays. To place an online order for these items, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Costco website: Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Select the item you want to order: Navigate to the food category that includes the item you want to order (such as “Bakery” or “Entertaining”). Select the specific item you want to order.
  3. Choose your options: Some items, such as deli platters, may have various options for size, serving size, and customization. Choose the options that best fit your needs.
  4. Add to cart and check out: Once you’ve made your selections, add the item to your cart and proceed to check out. You’ll need to provide your billing and shipping information, as well as choose a delivery or pickup option.
  5. Wait for your order: Depending on the item you’ve ordered, you may need to wait for it to be prepared before it can be shipped or picked up. Costco will provide you with an estimated delivery or pickup date when you place your order.

It’s important to note that not all Costco food items are available for online ordering, and the availability may vary depending on your location. Additionally, online ordering may not be available in all areas, so be sure to check with your local Costco for more information.

Reviews of Costco Chicken?

The reviews of Costco’s rotisserie chicken are generally positive. Many people praise the taste and value of the chicken, as well as the convenience of being able to purchase it already cooked. Here are some examples of reviews from various sources:

  1. “The chicken is very tasty and juicy. It’s also a great value for the amount of chicken you get. We buy it all the time for easy dinners and lunches.” – Costco customer review on the Costco website
  2. “The rotisserie chicken from Costco is the best store-bought chicken I’ve ever had. It’s always fresh and moist, and the seasoning is just right.” – Yelp review
  3. “The rotisserie chicken at Costco is one of the best deals around. For the price, you get a lot of meat and it’s very flavorful. I buy one almost every time I go to Costco.” – Google review
  4. “Costco’s rotisserie chicken is a staple in our household. We love the taste and how easy it is to prepare. It’s great for quick meals and leftovers.” – Facebook review

Overall, the majority of reviews indicate that Costco’s rotisserie chicken is a great value and delicious. Some reviewers note that the chicken can be a bit salty, but this seems to be a minor issue for most people.


In conclusion, Costco’s rotisserie chicken is a popular food item among many customers who appreciate its taste, value, and convenience. The chicken is well-seasoned, juicy, and flavorful, making it a versatile and easy meal option for busy individuals and families. Additionally, the low cost of the chicken and its large portion size make it an appealing choice for those on a budget. While some customers have noted that the chicken can be a bit salty, the vast majority of reviews are positive and recommend it as a go-to food item at Costco.

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