Costco King Crab Legs Price 2023

Costco King Crab Legs are a popular delicacy among seafood lovers, known for their sweet and succulent meat. These luxurious crustaceans are sourced from the icy waters of the North Pacific and are a favorite item in the seafood section of Costco, where you can find them fresh, frozen, or cooked to perfection.

How Budget-Friendly Are Costco King Crab Legs?

What types of crab legs are available at Costco, where can you find them, and how can you prepare a tasty meal using them? Are Costco king crab legs expensive? Find out more about Costco king crab legs and where they can be purchased.

On special occasions like Thanksgiving or birthday dinners, Costco king crab legs dishes make the best choice. It’s the most delicious and easiest-to-cook dish you can make if you want to give your cooking skills a boost.

The best way to cook Costco king crab legs is to have top-notch crab legs, as the quality of your crab legs will determine how long it takes you to cook them. That’s why you should buy the best Costco king crab legs you can find at Costco, even if they are a bit expensive.

When they are on sale, you can also get them for very cheap rates. So if you have been debating whether or not to buy Costco king crab legs, I strongly urge you to do so. See for yourself, you’ll love them.

Is Costco king crab legs a type of crab?

A king crab leg is similar to a snow crab’s leg in that it weighs between two and four pounds but it is slightly thicker and has spikes running along the length of it. Costco King crab legs weigh about six pounds while snow crab legs weigh between two and four pounds.

Since Costco king crab legs have thick legs as opposed to snow crab legs that have elongated pieces of legs, cutting them requires a cutting tool. Their meat is also soft and tender, so they cook well.

Compared to other varieties of crab legs, Alaskan king crab legs are distinguished by their red color. They are also good for your health since they contain omega-3 fatty acids, and they are also tasty.

The meat is full of trace minerals, including zinc, phosphorus, and cobalamin (vitamin B12). They are not high in saturated fats, just like other meats.

Are Costco king crab legs available at Costco?

No matter what time of year or type of crab leg a person is looking for, Costco always has it available in any size and type required. Small or large, Costco king crab legs of any size can be found all year long at Costco.

Serve these delicious Costco king crab legs at your events to make them even more special.

What is the cost of Costco King Crab Legs?

Depending on the size of the pieces and the leg size of the crab legs, Costco offers Costco king crab legs for different prices, as well as different prices based on the brand name of the crab legs.

Costco offers a wide selection of frozen crab legs, defrosted crab legs, and cooked crab legs, but Kirkland’s wild-cooked red king crab legs cost approximately amount of $289.90, despite Costco’s wide selection.

When you purchase a frozen 10 lb. box of king crab legs from Costco, it costs $290, but if you purchase claws along with it, the price is reduced to about $28.99 per lb.

What is the best place to find Costco king crab legs?

There are Alaskan king crab legs at Costco near the meat section during holidays and special events. However, the seafood section is the best place to find them during the regular season.

Throughout the year, you can easily find Alaskan king crab legs at Costco, even when they are not on sale. The only challenge is finding them at different stores inside the grocery store chain.

They keep changing according to the season, which causes their placement to fluctuate.

There are different sizes of boxes of crab legs available at Costco. Small boxes weighing around 4-6 lbs. are found in the fresh meat section. You can buy frozen as well as thawed crab legs there.

Fresh seafood stores often sell them in small boxes when demand is high, thawed, and ready to eat. You can find them in fresh seafood sections when the demand is high.

Due to the fact that crab legs are seldom ordered except for special occasions, there is a freezer section of the store that carries large boxes of frozen crab legs weighing ten pounds each.

It is important to note that these large boxes are not thawed. So once you purchase the 10 lb. boxes of king crab legs from Costco, you will need to leave them at room temperature for a few hours to thaw completely.

What makes Alaskan king crab legs from Costco unique?

Due to the fact that there is no fishing during the fall and winter in Alaska, you can only find wild-caught crab legs. These crab legs taste and feel better than snow crab legs, which have a better texture and texture.

Although king crab legs do not offer the same amount of tenderness and succulents as snow crabs from the east coast, the meat is more tender and succulent.

There’s no better way to boost your mood and appetite than eating king crab legs unless you’re vegetarian. Smirk!

Costco has Wild Alaskan Red King Crabs from Northwest Fish

Crab count: 9-12

The weight of the item is 10 pounds

Costco King Crab Legs are available online for $399.99

King crab at Costco costs $40.00 per pound

Costco king crab legs for sale

The cost of Costco king crab legs, like everything else, has increased with inflation too. The rates always change based on the demand for king crab legs in and out of season.

If you purchase king crab legs on the internet, you can reduce the cost of the king crab legs by using the promo code and other online coupons.

When Costco offers clearance sales on king crab legs and super colossal king crab legs, you can get up to 70% off the normal price. This means that that’s the best time to buy and store small king crab legs and super colossal king crab legs.

Do king crab legs come pre-cooked?

The crab legs of Costco’s king crabs are already precooked before they are sent to stores and markets, and right after they are harvested, they are loaded onto ships so they can be shipped to stores.

There are also precooked crab legs available at Costco that prevent the crab legs from degenerating. This pre-cooking keeps the crab legs’ original texture and flavor, which is crucial for their long-term health.

When king crab legs are not pre-cooked after they have been thawed, they pose a high risk of spoilage. It is advisable to cook the crab legs before freezing.

Don’t overcook them because they’ll become hard and dry.

What is the best way to cook Costco king crab legs?

Due to the fact that they are pre-cooked, they can be cooked quickly and easily. In order to enhance the taste and make them juicy, you just have to heat them properly.

There are many different methods you can use to reheat king crab legs. You can steam, boil, or grill them.

In addition to eating them hot, king crab legs can be enjoyed cold as well. Just be sure to thaw them first.

In the oven, you can steam them at 350F for around 10-15 minutes if you would like to have them hot.

Furthermore, separate the meat from the knuckles and properly heat them. It will take up to a minute more. You can also grill them on a grilling pan or in a Weber grill.

Sections of crab legs can be made by cutting them off at the joints with scissors or a sharp knife.

If you do this, you will be able to heat all the pieces equally. The larger pieces will take longer to heat than the smaller ones, so you need to heat them all at the same time.

It is recommended that you apply butter to the pieces every few minutes to ensure that they remain moist and prevent them from drying out.

Crab legs will taste better if you bake them like this. Slices of lemon can also be used to improve the crab legs’ richness and flavor.

How do you heat Costco king crab legs?

You can cook them in a variety of ways depending on how you prefer to eat them. Some people enjoy eating them straight from the shell after thawing. Others prefer to reheat them with butter and lemon juice.

Unlike other crab legs, Costco king crab legs are fully cooked and frozen, which adds to their rich taste and savory flavor.

Reheating them can still be achieved by steaming them in a pot with enough water and a steaming basket.

The boiling process will make them very hot, and they’ll also leach some salt from them. After steaming, it’ll be a lot easier to separate the meat from the shell, and then you can enjoy them by dipping them in butter when you’re done.

Leftover Costco king crab legs: what to do with them?

If you know how to properly reheat leftover king crab legs, then you will avoid wasting them. Just make sure to follow the reheating methods carefully so that the meat does not become overly dry.

Boiled, steaming, baking, and microwaving reheated Costco king crab legs will give you a delicious taste.

A boil

You can prepare the king crab legs by boiling them wrapped in the shell for a few minutes in hot water with fish sauce, and then you can eat them as soon as they are done.

Put the crab legs in the boiling water. Make sure the water soaks the crab legs. Let them boil for 4-5 minutes, then take them out of the water and serve.

The baking process

It is also possible to reheat king crab legs by baking them in the oven. This method is quite effective for frozen crab legs as well as defrosted ones.

In order to prepare the crab legs, all you need to do is put them in the glass baking container that is partially filled with water, cover it with aluminum foil, and make a couple of small holes in the foil so that the steam can escape.

Frozen king crab legs will require more time to heat than thawed ones. Place the baking pan in a preheated oven (350F) for about 20-25 minutes.

When the crab legs are done, remove them from the oven and serve them with butter.

Microwave It

You can enjoy Costco king crab legs by microwaving them for just 2 minutes. Wrap the crab legs in damp paper towels and enjoy.

Then, wrap the crab legs in plastic paper and microwave them for two minutes until hot, then unwrap and enjoy.

The steaming process

Using this method the crab legs will be reheated in just 7-8 minutes. Steaming increases their flavor by making them even juicier and richer.

There should be two inches of water in a pot that is large enough to house the steamer. Cover the steamer and let it heat until the water boils.

Using the pincers, remove the crab legs from the steamer and serve them as they are, by covering the steamer with a lid and steaming for 4 to 5 minutes. Once they are done, remove them with pincers and enjoy them.

Find out more about Costco Items,

Do you have any questions about Costco’s Red King Crab? I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it! In the first place, frozen Costco King Crab Legs are a delicious protein, and I strongly recommend that you get them! King Crab Legs are a great source of lean, healthy protein, and they’re easy to cook! You get high-quality, keto-friendly King Crab Legs, and they’re reasonably priced. You can use leftovers to make tons of great healthy king crab dishes as well as impress your guests with these Costco Red King Crab Legs!

You can also check the Costco menu here.

The best way to serve Costco Red King Crab Legs

If you have leftover meat, the meat also tastes great in soups, salads, pasta dishes, and more. If you want to serve King Crab the classic way, we recommend serving it with clarified butter.

It is important to freeze the legs of king crabs

There are no rules…but here’s the thing. Food is perceived as “fresh” when it’s cold and ready to cook. When food is frozen, it’s perceived as preserved or not fresh, so consumers believe that they’re buying “fresh” food when they’re actually buying it. In the United States, King Crab legs are precooked and frozen once upon harvest when they are caught. Yep, every single King Crab leg is frozen once.

On the ship, King Crab Legs are flash-frozen as soon as they are caught. King Crab Legs, whether you buy or eat them at the most exclusive seafood restaurant in New York or Costco’s freezer, were all wild-caught, cooked, and frozen on the ship and shipped frozen. Then there is no point in buying them defrosted since they will just go bad soon. They can even go bad after purchase.

You want to be sure that the seafood hasn’t been defrosted for too long, so you can avoid anger and disappointment if you accidentally open a package of seafood that stinks and hasn’t been defrosted properly.

I recommend doing it yourself to thaw King Crab Legs so that you have a better idea of how long they have been defrosted. There are plenty of instructions on how to cook from frozen, so do not buy them defrosted since you do not even have to defrost them. There’s no difference between fresh and frozen King Crab Legs at Costco!

The Costco King Crab Legs – Are They Worth It?

Costco almost always has King Crab Legs in stock, but you may need to look around to find them sometimes. If you’re looking for King Crab Legs near you, then head down to your local Costco.

The legs aren’t cheap, but they’re a delicious special event treat.

I have seen people post pictures on Reddit of legs found at other Costco stores that are in the 4-7 size range. I find my local Costco’s legs are size 6-9, so it takes six to nine legs to fill a ten-pound case.

How Does King Crab Taste?

A King Crab can be classified into three species:

  • It’s red
  • It’s blue
  • It’s golden

About 75 percent of the commercial catch is made up of the Red King Crab, which is where Costco gets its king crab legs from.

Despite being described as “sweet” by many, this crab is very rich. Make sure there are many lemon wedges available in case you serve the crab with butter dipping sauce.

How to Order Costco King Crabs Legs?

Here’s how to order Costco King Crab Legs:

  1. Visit your local Costco store: The first step to ordering Costco King Crab Legs is to visit your nearest Costco store. Head to the seafood section of the store where you’ll find the king crab legs.
  2. Choose your king crab legs: Look for the labels that provide information on the size, weight, and price of the crab legs. Take your time to select the crab legs that best fit your preferences.
  3. Ask for assistance: If you have any questions or need help choosing, don’t hesitate to ask a Costco employee for assistance.
  4. Order online: Another option is to order the king crab legs online through the Costco website. Search for “king crab legs” on the website and select the ones that you would like to purchase. Check the product descriptions for information on the size, weight, and price of the crab legs.
  5. Add to cart and checkout: Once you have made your selection, add the crab legs to your online cart and proceed to checkout. You will need to provide your shipping and payment information to complete the order.
  6. Collect your order: If you ordered online, you can either choose to have the crab legs delivered to your doorstep or pick them up at your local Costco store.

By following these simple steps, you can easily order Costco King Crab Legs and enjoy this delicious seafood delicacy in the comfort of your own home.

How to Order Costco King Crabs Legs Online?

Sure, here are the steps to order Costco King Crab Legs online:

  1. Go to the Costco website: First, go to the official website of costco.
  2. Search for “king crab legs”: In the search bar, type “king crab legs” and click the search icon. You will be directed to a page that displays various types of king crab legs.
  3. Select your preferred king crab legs: Browse through the different types of king crab legs available, and select the one that you prefer. Click on the image of the king crab legs to view more information about the product, such as weight, price, and delivery options.
  4. Add to Cart: Once you have found the king crab legs you want to order, click the “Add to Cart” button. You can also add other items to your cart if you wish to purchase them.
  5. Review your cart: After adding the king crab legs to your cart, review the contents of your cart to ensure that everything is accurate. You can make changes to your order if necessary.
  6. Proceed to checkout: Once you’re satisfied with your cart, click the “Checkout” button. You’ll be prompted to enter your shipping and payment information.
  7. Complete your order: Enter your shipping address, select your preferred delivery method, and provide your payment information. After confirming your order details, click “Place Order” to complete your purchase.
  8. Receive your king crab legs: You will receive an email confirmation of your order. Your king crab legs will be delivered to your chosen address or made available for pickup at your local Costco store, depending on the delivery option you selected.

By following these steps, you can easily order Costco King Crab Legs online and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

Crab Legs at Costco: Reviews

Fresh, succulent crab legs at an affordable price make Costco’s King Crab Legs a hit with seafood enthusiasts.

They taste sweet, and salty, and have a delicate texture, making the crab legs a great addition to any meal.

Their freshness has also been stated to be superior to other types of crab, allowing them to be enjoyed to the fullest.

King crab legs from Costco make an excellent everyday meal, whether you are planning a special occasion or just looking for something different.

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